You Deserve to Have a Partner Who Enjoys Loving You

How many times have you watched a stupid rom-com and thought to yourself how unrealistic they seem?

Just laughed at the idealistic portrayal of love and relationships and pitied the fools who still believed in innocent, unconditional love? And then you probably remembered the time when you too believed that love can be perfect, that love can offer you everything you ever wanted and that you too will have your happily ever after. But then life happened and one heartbreak after another, you realized that maybe you were asking for too much. Now you are wiser, you know better and you’ve learned to settle for much less than before. You’ve learned how to be calmer, more collected and you’ve learned not to believe in fairytales.

But what if you were wrong? What if fairytales did exist, you just lost all hope before it could happen to you? We’re not saying that you should wait for your prince on a white horse but you should definitely hope for someone who’s excited at the thought of loving you, someone who enjoys spending time with you and someone who just couldn’t picture his life without you.

Maybe you shouldn’t lower your expectations that much so that the only possible outcome would be finding someone who’s willing to be with you and leading an average life with an average person. This kind of attitude is not going to bring you a lifetime of happiness, quite the contrary, it’s going to lead to a lifetime of boredom and mediocracy.

Let yourself dream a little and bring back the hope that you lost a long time ago. Maybe back then it just wasn’t the right time for you but that doesn’t mean you should give up on love. You deserve to be with someone who will enjoy loving you and you need to let yourself find that person.

Don’t hold yourself back and let your love pour into the world. Don’t be afraid to show your feelings and to show the world that you won’t settle for anything less than pure, heart racing love. The right person for you is out there, you just need to open your heart and be prepared to find him.

This person will not be afraid to show you how much he cares for you and how his heart skips a beat when he sees you. This person will love you more than anyone in the world and you deserve to be with someone like that. You deserve to be with a partner who will respect you, admire you and be proud of you and your achievements. A partner who will think of you as the most exciting, amazing and kind human being. A partner who will want nothing more than to spend his life with you, grow old with you and spend eternity with you.

It’s never too much to ask from someone to enjoy loving you because that’s what love really is. It may not always be convenient or simple, but it is what it is. Sometimes it will drive you crazy, sometimes it will drive you mad but most of the times it will make you incredibly happy to be alive, to be able to experience it in a way that you’ve never experienced it before.

Never settle for anything less than crazy, stupid love!