Woman Tired Of Thin Hair Glows After Getting Stunning Makeover

There have been times when all of us feel overwhelmed and sometimes, we might feel like a change is in order.

Little changes in our lives can make a big difference but what can a big change do for you? When it is a change in the right direction, it can leave you feeling good about yourself and ready to take on the world. That is what this woman experienced and her story (and video) will inspire you to great things.

When Dawn got a new job in the airline industry, she realized she would be meeting people every day. She was not looking forward to it, however, because she wasn’t happy with her looks. Her hair was thinning and she knew that she needed to make a change. Rather than just thinking it was a good idea, she took the next step and jumped right into the salon. When she saw the outcome, she was thrilled.

Dawn from Seattle was looking for a new hairstyle. She did some research online and ended up on the MakeOverGuy Minneapolis’ YouTube channel. The direction was to get a haircut but she was afraid to do it. It had taken a long time for her hair to grow, so cutting it short was not her idea of a good change.

When she was younger, her hair was full, curly and beautiful. Dawn is now in her forties and he hair had thinned and lost some of its luster. Now that she was going to be helping people on a plane and traveling frequently, she was just tying her hair in a bun.

Dawn now wanted a different job. She was interested in being a flight attendant so a new hairstyle was needed. Since she would be dealing with many people every day, she wanted to have her hair cut and gain some confidence.

The subscribers of that YouTube channel picked out her new look. She was going to have her hair cut short and curly to get that young, sexy look she was after. At first, she was frightened but she did want a new style.

Dawn swallowed hard when she saw the look the style was after. In the end, she said she would do what they wanted. By the time it was over, she knew it was the right choice.

Her short curls gave her a more youthful, full-bodied look. MakeOverGuy Minneapolis also did her eyes and brows to help add to the appearance. It was a simple makeover but it made a big difference.

You can see the before and after in this video: