When She Is Done With You, You Won’t Be Able To Change Her Mind

Question: “What do women truly want?”

Right answer: “Love, respect, affection, and to be solely in charge of her life and emotions…” The fact that women are the more emotional gender is not really a topic for debate. Contrary to what most people believe, this is never a sign of weakness but true evidence of natural strength. A woman loves with all her heart but when she’s fed up, she walks away with the same energy.

Women are raised to believe that they have to put in all the work in a relationship to “keep a man”. Firstly, men are not pets to be kept. They are individuals with complete control of their own emotions and decisions. No one should have to work so hard to keep anyone. We all owe our partners fidelity and commitment. A woman wants to be in a relationship with someone that makes her feel happy, safe, worthy of the effort, not one where has to feel insecure half the time.

When it comes to love, she has too much to give and is ready to give it all. She’s in for the long haul when she finds someone that makes her heartthrob. She’s ready to make those compromises that can make things work out but don’t ever mistake her lenience for weakness. Even the kindest and most easygoing woman can switch it up to a hundred when she’s had enough. If you

give her a reason to doubt you, don’t blame when she moves on with her life Some people are pretty patient and understanding but don’t ever think they don’t have breaking points. We all have that level of endurance we’d get to and simply snap, and of course, there’s no way to fix things at this point. You can’t continue gaslighting, manipulating, abusing, tormenting, belittling, and lying to her and expect her to take it all for the sake of love. Society is very good at wrongly chalking a woman’s virtue up to the amount of pain she can stomach without flinching too much. How much suffering can she endure to make her relationship or marriage work? This is literally society’s idea of what a “virtuous” woman is, and no matter much we push this sick narrative, it’s always going to be false. A virtuous woman is one who loves with all her heart, stays humble yet fierce, treats people with decency and kindness, believes in doing good, and does her best to live right. A virtuous woman is certainly not one who would remain in an abusive and exhausting relationship for years, “supporting her man” despite his many inadequacies and using a smile to cover her suffering. No. When she’s done, she’s done for good. At this point, she knows you’re a lost cause and no matter how many times she forgives you, no matter how many chances she gives you, you’re always going to find a way to hurt her, to betray her trust, and prove that you are simply not worthy of her love. She’s not made of stone, and of course, it would be a tough decision for her to leave a relationship that she’s invested so much time and energy into. She’s given you so much of herself and no matter how much she’s tempted to stay and try to make things right, she’d have learned one valuable life lesson – not everyone is worthy of love and devotion. She squares her shoulders, straightens her crown, and walks away with her head held high. Despite having lost so much time, she’s gained so much more, even if she doesn’t see it right away. She’s wiser, smarter, and more self-assured at this point. It’s important to treat your woman with tenderness and love now that you still have a chance. Never give her a reason to doubt you. Make her trust you, kiss away her insecurities, and just be there for her. Treat her with love and respect because she deserves it. However, if you make her walk away, be rest assured she’s not coming back.