What Phrases mean more than the Phrase “I Love You”

1. Being Told You’re Appreciated

Everybody wants to be appreciated. This next 6 Phrases are more important that the phrase “I Love you” 2. Thanks Saying thank you to someone is very important. The moment someone expresses gratitude can have a positive impact on almost everyone. This way they show that the person is very important and mean something to them.

3. I believe in you This means that you believe in this person. You think that this person has the ability to fulfill the task. showing confidence in the person’s ability will create a positive impression for all. 4. I feel self love Saying the phrase” I love myself “has a very powerful impact on our behavior. It gives us confidence and makes us take more challenges. Confident people are usually very successful people. Self love equals confidence and confidence equals success. This is the rule.

5. Leave the past behind The past should be forgotten. Things that had happen in the past are not important. Past is something that you cannot change. For your own good you should never go back in the past and rethink what you could have done differently. You can’t change what happened you can only learn and move on.

6. I wish you success Seeing other people successful and not feeling jealousy is very important for your own mental health. Jealousy is poison for the soul. When you feel jealousy you are doing damage to your own mental health. 7. I have forgiven you And last but not least, you should always express forgiveness to people who in any ways have hurt you. Forgiveness has the power to heal. In opposite of jealousy, forgiveness can heal your soul from the poison of negative emotions and pain. Always forgive, even when the person never asks for forgiveness. Forgiveness is actually more important for you not for the person who hurt you.