Want to Find a Real Friend? Become One Yourself First

Finding a good friend is not an easy task. To find one that will go to the end of the world for you, you’ll need to be a true friend yourself. Long-lasting and deep friendships don’t just happen – in order for everything to work, it requires a lot of emotional investment and patience as well.

To find a true friend, you’ll need to be the friend that cares about his buddies and buys gifts because he wants to. Be the friend that listens to everyone’s problems and helps in any way he can. Be the friend who never breaks promises if you want to find one that does the same.

A true friend will not be afraid to show his feelings. True friends say “I love you” and shower their friends with hugs and attention. A true friend will never flee in a difficult situation – real friends don’t leave others behind. To find a good friend, you’ll need to be that one friend who loves spending time with others.

Be the friend who celebrates everyone’s successes and lends a helping hand whenever the need arises. You need to be a friend who will respect the choices and decisions of others and roots for them when they chase their goals & dreams. Real friends are honest and loving and never expect anything in return. If you want to find a good friend for life, you will need to be honest, loving, and selfless yourself. Real friends give more than they receive and are always there to help. Whether it’s to offer their support or help in any other way, a true friend will never back out in difficult friends.

Every change starts from within ourselves. If you want to find good friends, you’ll need to become one yourself.

Source: wakeupyourmind.net