Twin Sisters Meet Face To Face For The First Time After Being Separated At Birth

I think that most of us have wondered what it would be like to have a twin. If you ask somebody who is a twin, they will tell you that it is a special relationship.

Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there are never going to be problems in that relationship but twins do tend to be very close to each other and to have a special understanding of each other in ways that most siblings cannot understand. At times, we may even hear about twins who were separated at a very young age and ended up discovering that the other existed. It’s always amazing thing to see, and that is what we see in the video below.

Two young girls in this video were on Good Morning America with their families. They were adopted from China when they were babies and one of their adoptive mothers decided that she would look into the matter further and learn a little bit more about the little girl that now shared her life. That is when she was shown a picture and it showed the birth mother with two little girls on her lap. It was obvious at that point that there was somebody else out there who was a twin to her little girl and she needed to learn more.

They came to find out that both of the sisters were adopted by different American families and they had no idea that the other existed. After all, they were little babies when the adoption took place.

Fortunately, they were able to meet in person and when they did, the tears were flowing on both sides. It was one of those beautiful moments that can’t help but touch your heart when you see it for yourself. You can see it in the video below but just make sure you bring your tissues.