This Woman’s Poem About Divorce Can Actually Help A Relationship (And 1.4 Million People Agree)

So many songs, poems, and artwork have been inspired by love, but yet, we still can’t really define it. We can only feel it. As much as we need love to survive, millions of people sever their ties with love every year. Over half of marriages end in divorce, but maybe they don’t have to.

25-year-old poet Taylor Myers from Dayton, Ohio, decided to voice her opinion about divorce based on her own perspective and experience. Her post clearly resonated with millions of people, because it explained what happens to most relationships when the flame dies. Many people think that once that spark has vanished, the relationship starts going downhill. However, relationships become more about companionship once the initial honeymoon stage is over, and many couples forget that. Taylor said that the reaction she received to her post about the lessons she learned in her ‘Relationships for Life’ class “blew [her] away.” She said she gets messages every week from people who decided to save their relationship or walk away because it was unhealthy. Without sharing her opinion about relationships and divorce, maybe those same people would still be stuck in an unhappy relationship or contemplate leaving one that could actually be saved with a little dose of positive thinking and effort.

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