This Bull Spent His Life Chained To A Rail Then A Hero Showed Up To Set Him Free(VIDEO)

Do you spend any time watching the news?

It seems as if we always hear things that are bad but sometimes, we hear stories about dogs, cats and other animals that start out bad but have a good ending. Those animals are often abandoned by their owners or mistreated and abused. We have such a soft spot in our heart for those animals that when we hear about their troubles, we feel them in a very profound way. When we hear that something good happens in the end, it gives us hope.

The bull that you see in the video below had a very difficult life. For the most part, he was confined in a very small area and was tied in place. Can you even imagine the amount of discomfort and pain that it would’ve put on such a large animal to be stuck in that position? I know that when I go to sleep and find myself in an awkward position, I wake up sore the next day. Imagine spending every day of your life in that awkward position. Just having the privilege of stretching on occasion was something that was impossible for this beautiful animal.

We get sad when we hear about animals being treated this way. Fortunately, there is a happy ending to this story. A hero was about to show up and set him free. When it happened, he couldn’t help but show his appreciation for what just took place. If you have never seen such a large animal in a state of bliss before, you owe it to yourself to watch this video.

Just make sure you bring your tissues: