The Final Performance By Elvis Was Hidden Until Now: Experience The Chilling Song

When it comes to music, we probably all have our personal favorites. For some, it may be the music that they grew up with during their childhood, for others, it may be music that belonged to the generation of their parents.

In any case, there are going to be certain singers that you have heard about, even if you aren’t a huge fan and one of those singers is Elvis. He had such an impact on the world of music that it was undeniable.

As was mentioned, you really don’t need to be a fan of Elvis in order to appreciate what he brought to the table. Between his style of dance, his singing, and his showmanship, it just seemed as if he was putting it all out there and his fans could not get enough. You probably have heard more than one song by Elvis and you may even be able to sing those songs by heart. Now we have access to a video where he sings a classic and some people are considering it to be his top performance.

Elvis sits at the piano and plays a rendition of ‘Unchained Melody’ in a Rapid City, South Dakota concert. It is more than one of his best shows, it was the last show that was ever recorded before he died six weeks later. You can watch this performance as he pours himself into the music.

Even if you aren’t a fan of Elvis, you truly have to appreciate the passion that he had for his music. His voice was one-of-a-kind and it is something that is unforgettable. As you watch this last recorded performance, you are certain to get chills.

We lost something very important that year. Here is the video for you to hear it for yourself: