Starbucks Cashier Makes It His Mission To Give Pep Talks To Boy With Cancer.

Families who are supporting a loved one through cancer need all the love and positivity they can get.

A California mom named Debbie has been helping her 9-year-old son Cole fight leukemia since February. One of his favorite things to do is visit the Starbucks drive-thru on the way to his chemotherapy appointments, and it’s not just because of the fun drinks.

The employees at their local Starbucks in Lake Elsinore have gotten to know Debbie and Cole because of their regular visits, and they absolutely adore him!

A cashier named Eddie always goes out of his way to give Cole a pep talk, often enlisting the help of his coworkers to cheer, “You got this!” to the little boy before he heads to the hospital.

On a recent visit, Cole and Debbie decided to virtually include a special friend who needed some encouragement.

Cole’s friend Spencer is 5 years old and is also receiving chemotherapy. When Debbie took Cole to the drive-thru one day, Spencer was thrilled to get a shout-out of his own!

“We stop at Starbucks on the way to chemo now so Cole can get his pep talk,” Debbie captioned a video of the sweet scene. “Cole loves our Starbucks and the love and support they show us. To Eddie and the rest of the crew, thank you. (Cole’s cancer friend, 5-year-old Spencer, wanted to visit this Starbucks so he could get a pep talk too).”

Who doesn’t need a good pep talk every now and then? These kiddos deserve every kind word that comes their way. We’re so thankful for Eddie and the other Starbucks employees, who are going above and beyond to make these little champions feel so special.

Check out their heartwarming interaction in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story to make your friends smile.