Son Has Heartbreaking Dance With His Mom at His Wedding Right Before She Passes Away from ALS

A man from Tennessee is using a simple video of him dancing with his mom at his wedding to help raise awareness about the horrible disease of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

ALS is an insidious neurodegenerative disease that progresses slowly to impact the brain’s nerve cells and spinal cord. People who suffer from ALS experience a lack of nourishment to the muscles in their bodies, and they slowly waste away as the disease destroys the areas of the spinal cord that control the muscles of the body. In time, these people lose all of their motor function, including the ability to eat, speak, move, and finally, breathe.

There’s no cure for ALS at this time and once someone starts to have symptoms, the disease rapidly progresses, eventually resulting in respiratory failure between three to four years after they first start to have symptoms. Because of this, the victims of his terrible disease know that time is a valuable commodity, and their family members are acutely aware of this, too. Scooter Hightower had one dream: he wanted to dance with his mother at his wedding. However, his mother was near the end of her battle with ALS and that made things a bit more challenging. Not to be deterred, Scooter vowed to make it happen.

Scooter wanted to do something special for his mother and he figured that capturing that special mother-son dance to Thomas Finchum’s “Mothers” was the best way he could honor her. Poignantly, Scooter’s mom was determined to stay alive long enough to see her granddaughter, Scooter’s niece, be born, and the little girl is six months old now. The other thing Scooter’s mom was waiting for was Scooter’s wedding. Through sheer strength of will, this brave lady made both of these things happen.

Since the filming of this video, Scooter’s mom has passed away and he hopes that the viral video will help raise awareness about this disease. She was a paramedic for nearly 30 years, and when she passed away, her body was escorted to her funeral by 15 ambulances. Watch the heartwarming video below.