She Is Always There For You. Don’t Hurt Her.

If you’re going to stay with someone for the long ride, the best you can do is to be a decent partner. When a woman gives you her time, love, care, and genuine affection, give her the same energy without holding back. It’s better to move on from someone than to stick with them and continuously hurt them. Don’t give her the false hope that you’re going to be better, only to paralyze her when she’s beginning to trust you.

No woman deserves to be in a relationship that rife with pain and insecurities. She shouldn’t be the only one putting in all the effort to make things work. She shouldn’t feel like an uninteresting entity in your life. Most times, we unintentionally hurt the people we love by taking them for granted and acting like they are only wasting their time. 

When you meet a compassionate woman who is willing to give you her time, energy, and effort for the sake of love, don’t just assume she’s giving them for nothing. Don’t act like she’s desperate – if you push her too hard she’ll walk away and never return. She doesn’t just want you to treat her “nicely” – she wants you to meet her halfway and take a genuine interest in the relationship. Make meaningful efforts. Let your smiles reach your eyes and when you do something for her, let it be genuine. She wants positive energy and not forced effort.    She’s not asking for too much If she can give these qualities and be ready to commit to the relationship, why can’t you do the same? She’s tired of being the one making all the calls and sending all the texts. She’s tired of reminding you all the time of your dates and outings. She’s tired of forgiving you, exhausted of the many times you’ve lied to her, hurt her, and even cheated on her. She’s tired of being taken for a fool because she loves someone who doesn’t know her worth. She’s tired of having to explain to the people who care about her why she’s sticking with an a**hole that treats her like a second option. She’s tired of playing the fool for love.

She is simply tired.

When a woman hits her breaking point, there’s no coming back from her decision. She’d be certain that she’s exhausted all her energy, patience, and options, and at that point, she’s accepted that this person may never change.

Now is the time to realize what you have before you lose it. Now is the time to make amends and figure out what you really want. If you want to be with her – that kind, awesome soul that loves you to a fault and supports you despite your many shortcomings – then it’s time to jump in head-first.

Be faithful to her. She deserves your fidelity at the very least because the worst things you could ever do to a woman who truly loves you is to abuse her or cheat on her. Don’t ever lie to her. Honesty is the only way to push a relationship forward. Communicate with her. Don’t bottle up your feelings and leave them stewing. Talk to her. Make efforts to keep things happy between you two. Let her see that you are invested in this union and you want the best for both of you. Treat her gently, kindly, and sweetly.

If you wake up now to the reality of what you have, you’d realize how lucky you truly are. You have a woman who is invested in you, interested in you, eager to see you succeed, and always has your back. Don’t ever lose her because you may never find one like her again.