She Dropped 231 Lbs After Deciding She Was ‘Too Young To Die’

There is something interesting that people do online and most of us take part in it on a daily basis. I’m talking about sharing pictures on social media. We may share images of our latest vacation or perhaps even our trip to a local restaurant and our friends hit the like button, letting us know that they saw it and they approve of our choices. From time to time, however, you hear about somebody who shares pictures and it really changes people in a unique way.

That is the case with Heather Oset, a hairstylist who had a scare a few years ago. She was blow drying somebody’s hair and had sharp chest pains and palpitations. At first, she just worked through the pain and thought that they would go away without doing anything about them. Unfortunately, the symptoms persisted and she went to the hospital for testing. At the time, Heather was a 356-pound woman and she was well aware of the severity of her condition. The time that she spent in the hospital served as a wake-up call. She said:

“I remember feeling so embarrassed as they were literally taking my clothes off and putting all these wires and ekgs and I’m half naked in front of everyone. I felt like I hit rock bottom and all these thoughts in my head of, “Oh my gosh, I’m going to die,” and “I’m too young to die.”

We are happy to say that it was not a heart attack. It was a problem with her hormones that were completely upside down because of her poor health and excess weight. She started those unhealthy habits when she was very young and was trying to cope with a difficult life at home. “My father was abusive and anytime something bad happened, I would run to the fridge and would eat whatever hostess cakes, snacks, pies, or cookies I could find, because they were his and I guess in my head that was my way of fighting back when I physically couldn’t. I never really talked about It to anyone. I just felt embarrassed and ashamed, so instead, I would just eat my feelings and would continue to do so over the years.”

Heather got married in 2014 and planned on starting a family with her husband. After landing in the hospital, they told her that she needed to lose weight if she ever wanted to get pregnant.

She had other problems because of her excess weight as well. She was borderline diabetic, suffered from back and leg pain and had sleep apnea. Considering her job kept her on her feet all day, life was difficult.

“My weight was holding me back in every aspect of my life between family, work, and day to day activities,” said Heather, so she took the first step by making an appointment with a bariatric surgeon.”

She finally made an appointment with the surgeon to have a procedure for weight reduction. It was necessary to lose 20 pounds before she could do it. “I cut out all soda, made my lunch, and drank protein shakes for breakfast in the morning.”

Heather had the surgery last January and she thought it was the first day of the rest of her life.

Even though she had the procedure, she needed to maintain her new body and even improve on it by sticking with a healthy diet and some exercise. She began walking almost immediately but then picked up water aerobics at the YMCA. The excess weight began to disappear.

“Never did I think I would weigh 125lbs as of today! I’ve lost 231lbs total including the 20 I lost on my own right before surgery … I’m no longer a borderline diabetic, have hypertension or sleep apnea and eventually, I’ll be able to start my family one day.”

She looks like a new woman.

She does have to limit what she eats but she is a creative individual. She uses her creativity when cooking food and creates healthy recipes that are just right for her taste.

“I think that’s one thing that has really helped me with my weight loss journey is finding different/healthy ways to eat the things I used to love.” “I hope to inspire others in their own journeys and just know that you’re not alone! That the impossible is possible, no matter how out of reach it seems at that moment.”

We’re proud of you Heather! You look fantastic and I could see you inspiring many others to change their life.