Rod Stewart’s Daughter Joins Him For ‘Forever Young’(video)

When it comes to celebrities, I would say that many of us probably think we know them as well as we know members of our family. We watch them on social media, enjoy it when we see them on the news and of course, we love to hear them perform or watch them in movies. Although we might think that we know more about them than we really do, keeping up on the news is sometimes a full-time job. After all, they have a life, just like we do and it can be hard to keep track.

It’s not only the abilities of those celebrities that amaze us, but it is also their family life that seems to attract us as well. Some of them may have more of a non-traditional approach to life as far as friends and family are concerned but there are some who raise children behind the scenes and do a fairly good job of it. We might not even give those children much thought until they are grown-up because they are kept out of the spotlight. When they do enter into the public eye, however, it’s often incredible to see.

That is the case with Rod Stewart, who has a daughter that has grown up and is now enjoying a little bit of the spotlight herself. In this video clip from 2014, she joined her father on stage to sing a Bob Dylan song, ‘Forever Young’. Hearing rod Stewart’s daughter sing is going to amaze you.

His daughter’s name is Ruby and it seems as if she has inherited the best from both her father and her mother. She has the beauty and grace of her mother and she can belt out the song, just like her famous dad. Listen to the song in the video below and you will be amazed at how incredible they sound.