Richard Gere, Who Became a Father Again at 70, Is Afraid He Won't Live Long Enough to See His Childr

The father-of-three became a dad for the third time only when he turned 70 and his fears are more for his two younger children.

For many people, becoming a father is a matter of pride and joy, but fatherhood also brings some fears with it. Those fears might differ based on how old you are, how successful you are, and how ready you are for this responsibility. For first-time dads, money and their relationship might be some concerns. For others, it might be a matter of how much time they are able to give to their child. And, being a celebrity doesn't shield you from these issues at all.

Actor Richard Gere, 70, welcomed his third child - his second with wife Alejandra Silva - in April 2020. He's also a dad to Homer James Jigme Gere, 20, and Alexander Gere, 1. He became a dad at a time when many people become grandparents. Instead, the 70 years young actor is all about embracing fatherhood at this late stage in life.

Though, he's left with some genuine concerns. After the birth of his second child at the age of 70, he was worried that he won't live long enough to see him grow up. "He knows he’s EXTREMELY old to be a father," an anonymous source told RadarOnline. "He can do the math — and it’s made him very aware his time is limited," they said.

The An Officer and a Gentleman actor wanted more children but he also wanted to wait until he was with the right woman after a bitter divorce with former wife Carey Lowell — mother of his first son, Homer. The couple had split after being married for 11 years and the difficult process had rattled even this calm and peaceful Buddhism-following actor. It was surprising given that his split from Cindy Crawford had been a peaceful one.

Lowell had asked for $100 million of the Runaway Bride actor's around $250 million fortune. They were also at odds with custody of their then-15-year-old son, Homer. His former wife had also refused to leave Gere’s $4.5 million inn in Bedford, N.Y, according to Eventually, they settled their divorce and the details of it were not made public. Though, he had to sell his Hamptons retreat for $33m to Matt Lauer, as per Daily Mail.

So, when he fell in love again and this time with Silva, he wanted to wait until he was completely sure. "Richard wanted to be sure that he had found the right woman before he had another child," the source told RadarOnline in 2018. However, "When he found out they were pregnant, he realized how difficult it would be for him to raise a young child." This did not stop the couple from having another child in 2020.

And, that's because of something he had promised Silva. "We are 33 years apart..." she told Hola! "It had to be that way in this lifetime. He has promised me at least twenty good years!"

She said that she had known the Pretty Woman actor since she was a child since he was a family friend for a long time. They reconnected in 2014, in the middle of his divorce proceeding, and sparks flew.

"Our karma was attracted the moment we saw each other," Silva said in 2015, as per PEOPLE. "I’m not ignoring our age difference and what it means to be with a Hollywood star, but when there’s such a strong karmic energy, the problems disappear."

They married on his ranch in New York in 2018 after she converted to Buddhism for him, according to HOLA! Their marriage was officiated by "someone comparable to an important priest." "The ceremony was beautiful. We exchanged rings carried by our children. It was so exciting! I have to confess that I shed big tears," she said. She also moved to New York to be with him leaving her home in Spain.

Even with the 33 year age gap, he keeps her on her toes, the Spanish publicist and activist, said. "I have to confess that he has much more energy than me, is much more active, it’s hard to keep up with him... He’s not human!"