Rich Tycoon Refuses To Spend $11 Million On Daughter’s Wedding, Builds 90 Apartments For The Poor In

Many of us wonder what life would be like if we had an endless supply of money to spend on our own needs and on the needs of our loved ones. It even goes beyond that, because we would be able to supply everything that we desired as well. When we have a wealthy father, it would be nice, especially if they were going to spend millions of dollars on our wedding. Sheyra Munot found herself in that situation when her father, who is an Indian billionaire was ready to write the check.

Mr. Ajay Munot had earmarked $11 million to spend on his daughter’s wedding. That is an incredibly large amount but he had a change of heart for one reason or another. He decided that rather than spending money on his daughter’s wedding, he was going to put the money into a charitable cause. Munot chose to put the money into helping the homeless people in India. By the time the wedding day arrived, he had constructed 90 homes and he is in the process of developing 18 more. It isn’t understood why he changed his mind as to how he was going to spend the money but people who heard of his charity have spoken out about the positive effect he is made.

The houses were small, only being about 12 x 20′ and each of them has only two windows. What they do have, however, are the basic utilities, including electricity and clean running water. Even though most people would consider the houses to be too tiny for comfort, for those who live in the slums, they are everything. They come from a situation where they do not have a home and now they have a free roof over their head. The little houses come in neat rows and they offer enough spacing to create outdoor space as well. They are also quite cute, painted brown and white with yellow numbers marking the houses. Each house has a brown staircase that leads up to the door and the color combination is appealing to the eyes.

The daughter wasn’t upset about what her father did but rather, she was grateful for his charity. On the wedding day, they open the living quarters and handed each family a key that would be to their new home. The bride and groom are still managing to enjoy a nice ceremony as the father spent less than half the money he had set aside. It was even rumored that the entire project was completed with a price tag of $3 million. That left enough for a $9 million wedding!

Ajay Munot is one of the wealthiest people in India. He gained the majority of his wealth by reselling wheat and cloth. He also is an investment and financial expert who knows how money works and uses that understanding to gather more money. Even though he has a lot of money, he still taught us all something about giving. He was well within his rights to spend all of his money on the wedding but instead, he decided to change the life of 200 people on that day. He also gave his family the joy of experiencing that generous gift as well.