Pregnant Dog Rushes Into a Hospice Facility to Save Four Patients from Fire

The saying that “a dog is man’s best friend” isn’t just a trite expression. It’s completely true and a dog in Russia recently proved that to be the case.

The heroic dog, who happened to be pregnant at the time, rushed into a burning hospice care facility to save four patients who were trapped inside. The fire happened near Leningrad, Russia, and when the fire started, the dog, Matilda, barked and whined to warn her owner that something was terribly wrong. Then, she ran all throughout the facility to warn other people. While inside, Matilda even passed out, according to statements from medical workers.

The poor sweet dog was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, but fortunately, they managed to save her life. Two volunteers were available to assist the four residents who were escaping the fire. As for Matilda, she suffered burns over her entire body, and her hair was completely seared off from the intense flames, leaving her tender raw skin exposed. Currently, she’s recovering at a St. Petersburg shelter and animal care activists and veterinary staff are working hard to save her. The Daily Mail reports that Matilda was also examined by a fertility specialist and her puppies are healthy and growing normally.

Once the puppies are born, Matilda won’t be able to feed her babies because of her burns, so presumably, the staff at the shelter will have to bottle feed the puppies or find another mother dog who is still nursing and will allow the puppies to nurse. Matilda is a big dog, so there’s a good chance she’s carrying a lot of puppies. The people she saved and their family members are very grateful for Matilda’s courageous act. Even though they’re on hospice and near the end of their lives, every moment of life is precious and they’re grateful indeed.

Watch the video below for more on this heartwarming story and we hope Matilda makes it through this.