Police Officer Steps Up to Escort Little Girl Without a Dad to Father-Daughter Dance

When it comes to occasions that children attend at school, some of the most cherished are the father-daughter and father-son days and activities. Father and daughter dances are cherished traditions that many families remember for a lifetime, and they’re events that little girls look forward to attending with their fathers. However, not every child has a father, for various different reasons. Sometimes the fathers aren’t in their lives, and in some cases, children’s fathers pass away. That’s exactly what happened to a second-grader named Avey Cox from Van Buren, Arkansas. She would never be able to attend a dance like this with her daddy because he passed away.

Fortunately, Avey had someone special who was going to be looking out for her on this special day. School resource officer Nichol “Nick” Harvey has daughters of his own and he knows how important these events are to little girls. When his police chief asked local officers if someone would volunteer as a stand-in father for little girls who had no one to take them to the dances, Nick was more than delighted to throw his name into the hat of dads. When the Central Elementary School’s guidance officer paired Nick up with Avey, the kind officer first reached out to the little girl’s mom to make sure it was OK with her.

After all, he joked, the last thing he wanted to have happen was for him to be rejected by a second-grader. However, Avey’s mom was delighted to give her consent and Avey was excited to have a date for the Father-Daughter dance. She said that she had never been and had always wanted to be able to go. Nick wanted to make sure the little girl’s night was super special, so he went all out and bought a handkerchief and tie that matched the little girl’s dress, along with buying her a matching corsage.

In an interview with the Today Show, Nick said that he and some of the other dads even got together to surprise the girls with a stretch SUV limo.

They traveled to the dance in style and even enjoyed a delicious dinner of pizza. Nick said that he loves his job for many reasons, but things like this make it super special.

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