People Are Struggling to Find the Tiny Snowman In This Wintry Puzzle

Children’s book illustrator Gregory Dudás (aka Dudolf) is back at it again with another brain teaser illustration. This one challenges you to find the tiny snowman hidden amongst the snowflakes and other snowman faces.

Find the Tiny Snowman Hidden in This Picture

This time Dudolf has drawn a fun blue, white, and green image filled with snowflakes and snowmen’s faces. Hidden somewhere in the photo, however, is one tiny snowman. Can you find it?

Image Credit: Gregory Dudás | Dudolf

Were you able to find the tiny snowman?


Check below for a hint.

Dudolf has plenty of great seek-and-find puzzles on his website. Some of my personal favorites include:

  • The snake in the jungle

  • Which bunny has a unique pattern?

  • The penguin among tucans

You can also follow along with Dudolf’s children’s books and games on his Instagram page.

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