Lost Dog Recognizes Owner’s Voice After 20 Months

What is it that you love most about dogs?

I would have to say that each of us probably has our own particular thing that makes them special to us. For some people, it is the loyalty of a faithful canine and how they will stick by your side, regardless of how you feel or what is going on in your life. That type of comfort has been a blessing for many people who may have struggles and need a loyal friend with them. It might also be protection, love or happiness.

When we have a dog, we want to make sure that they have everything they need to be healthy and happy. Unfortunately, many people also understand the pain of losing a dog and what may happen if they decide to wander around and disappear for a while. Most people tend to get their dog back within a few hours or maybe a day or two. From time to time, however, we may hear about dogs who were gone longer, and that was the case with Gunnar. He disappeared for a while but it was longer than a day, he was lost for 20 months!

We can only imagine the level of desperation that his owners felt when he was lost and they couldn’t find him anywhere. They didn’t give up looking, however, and for a few months, they continued the search.

Some hope was given because there was a stray dog reported in the area but nobody seemed to be able to get him. They continued to look for their faithful dog, even tracking footprints in the snow at one point but it would take time for everything to be corrected.

There were a lot of people working on finding Gunnar and it finally paid off. After locating the stray dog in the area, they checked his microchip and were able to rescue him and bring him back to his owner.

Perhaps they were wondering at this point if Gunnar would recognize his owner but those fears melted away from the moment they were near each other.

Watch this reunion for yourself in the following video: