Kind Cop Finds The Right Reason Why Not To Give A Woman A Ticket

One of the worst feelings that we could have in the world is looking in the rearview mirror and seeing blue lights flashing. It’s one of those moments that really makes for a very bad day, because we realize that we are going to be shelling out money that more than likely, we don’t have in the first place. That is what happened in Washington County, New York, to a young mother named Jeanette Porter. She was out getting diapers for her baby on Halloween when she saw the blue lights flashing. She admits that she was speeding and deserved the ticket, but she wasn’t expecting what came next.

The policeman, K-9 handler deputy Dale Quesnel, is the man who pulled her over. When he walked up to the car, he did more than take her license and proof of insurance, he talked to her for a minute to find out what was happening. That was when she told him that she was on her way to get diapers for her twin nieces. She knew that diapers were being given away by a local food bank so she was in a hurry to get there before they were gone. That is when Quesnel decided he wasn’t going to write her a ticket, he was going to give her something that she deserved. He asked her to go to a store with him.

He asked if they could stop at a dollar store and he would buy some diapers for them. This made a definite impression on Porter, and although she wasn’t expecting it, she was more than happy to accept his kindness.

She talked about how the police officer showed her compassion by not writing a speeding ticket and then on top of it, spending his money for diapers. She sent a message and thanked him for being so generous and compassionate, saying that she couldn’t believe that he was willing to go the extra mile for someone he didn’t know. On the other hand, he said that he wasn’t rich, he just liked to help people.