Khloe Kardashian Announces She’s Unplugging From Social Media — But Will It Last?

After fans began requesting pictures of her recent Boston trip, the one she took to be with her boyfriend Tristan Thompson for Christmas, Kloe Kardashian decided it was time to announce a little break from her social media activities. She and the couple’s two-year-old daughter True Thompson paid a visit to Natick, Massachusetts.

However, it’s reported that Khloe has since returned home, and it’s not clear if the couple actually spent Christmas day together. For the most part, Khloe keeps details of their time together under wraps, and this all follows several pictures showing Khloe sporting a huge diamond ring, sparking engagement rumors.

And now, many fans are asking lots of questions regarding her romantic life, questions the social media celebrities do not seem ready to answer at this time. And since Khloe wasn’t in Boston with Tristan to celebrate the New Year, folks are starting to wonder if the couple is going through some rocky times, as some reports have suggested. When a fan asked Khloe to share a few pics from their Christmas dinner, Khloe replied, saying she was taking a break from all social media. But, then, a day later, she posted a few photos and videos on her Instagram account.

When it comes to the Kardashian clan, Khloe is often viewed as the most well-liked sister.

Many of her fans seem genuinely concerned about her and want to know how Tristan’s treating her.

Some worry that since Khloe lives in Los Angeles and Tristan lives in Boston, it would be very easy for her boyfriend to see other women behind her back.

Right after Christmas, Khloe’s sisters all shared photos and videos from the family’s Christmas Eve party, showing off their trendy outfits, despite keeping the affair limited to family members. But, so far, Khloe has not shared a single video or photo from her Christmas holiday.

Do you think there could be trouble in paradise, or does Khloe honestly want a break from the limelight (a least for a little while)?

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