Kelly Clarkson And John Legend Face The Fire For ‘God Bless the USA’ Comments

When it comes to famous individuals, we often get to know them on somewhat of a personal level.

Although it would be impossible for us to truly get to know somebody unless we were close enough to be with them face-to-face, the fact that we constantly see them on TV, on the Internet, and even in print makes us feel as if we know them personally. I think that is how many people feel about Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. Those famous singers are absolutely incredible and when you hear them on stage, you can’t help but be amazed with what they are able to do. They also teamed up on The Voice, to help coach the singers.

When you come onto a show like The Voice, there are bound to be rules and regulations that are attached to it. Perhaps one of the biggest rules associated with that type of job is the fact that you aren’t allowed to make your political feelings known. Many people find that it is difficult to not argue their point these days, but the fact of the matter is, political activism does not have a role in these types of situations. It seems as if they couldn’t help themselves, however, so they went on twitter and talked about a Lee Greenwood song, God Bless the USA. It seems as if they were disappointed by Gyth singing this song publicly, saying that the times we are living in are too controversial and the country is too divided for these types of political songs. Gyth was on The Voice, singing that song surrounded by red, white, and blue scarves.

It’s interesting that Gyth seemed to have chosen the song because he felt that it would’ve been impossible to criticize. Kelly Clarkson didn’t actually criticize the song, she just said that it wasn’t their best voice that sang it. She talked about how the song is more meaningful when a large group sings it and mentioned that she enjoys the song but didn’t think it was an appropriate choice for The Voice. John Legend agreed with her choice of words.

After they criticized that song publicly, many people started to feel as if Kelly Clarkson and John Legend were unpatriotic. Considering the fact that many people consider it to be a popular song these days, and many people feel that it expresses how they feel, it has also become a symbol of the divided times in which we live. It seems as if this is just one of those situations where you are going to lose either way.