Just a Powerful Full-Grown Lioness Getting a Belly Rub Like a Little Kitten

My husband and I do cat rescue and one thing we’re aware of is that different cats have different personalities. We have some cats who never show any type of aggression and then we have some who are little….grouchy, let’s say. For example, one of our cats is so grumpy that if she were a tiger or lioness, there’s no way we could have her as a pet. We’d be dead on day one from a slap or a bite. We love her and she’s a sweetheart, but when a big cat has a personality like this, it’s deadly for humans and anyone else small enough to be a victim.

Just like the little cats I have, big cats have different personalities, too, so when I see humans playing with the big cats they take care of, it’s very heartwarming to me. I know that deep down inside, these apex predators have the hearts of the kittens I see all the time around here. Klaudia Kollar is the founder of a big cat rescue park in Slovakia and she knows quite a bit about big cats. Her organization takes in mistreated and abused animals, both from people’s homes and from circuses. The Malkia Park Rescue Station is home to several big cats, and one of them is a lioness named Malkia.

Malkia was the first big cat rescued by the organization and she’s just an adorable big baby. In this video, Malkia rolls over on her back and enjoys a wonderful belly rub from Klaudia, and you can see just how much the big cat trusts her handler. In fact, when a cat shows you its belly, it means that it trusts you. Klaudia has been with Malkia since she was a tiny cub, so she’s very familiar with the beautiful and powerful beast.

Watch this amazing video below.