It’s currently 4:30am. I was sleeping in bed with my girlfriend when all of a sudden I heard the doo

“My little man has been having severe anxiety since we moved into the new house. He’s so used to sharing a room with his big sister, who excitedly has her own room now too. I’ve tried everything under the sun to get him to sleep in his own room. Nothing is helping. He says he has something wrong with his head and that he can’t stop the scary thoughts that are creeping into it. He begged me to call the police and a doctor to help him. Seriously breaks my mama heart into a million pieces.

So, in an effort to continue doing everything I can to help my son, we went to the station today so He could talk with a police officer. After the talk, officer Schwartz came over to our home to fully inspect his bedroom to assure him that there were no bad guys and that nothing in his room that would hurt him. Truly takes a village to raise kids right these days! I am beyond thankful that Officer Schwartz took time out of his busy day to come over and talk with Hayden.

Afterwards he did sleep in his room all night! But didn’t go down without a fight (a 3 hour long one) I’ll fast forward the story and say that when I woke him up this morning at 7 a.m., he was SO proud of himself that he made it in there all night!

Then, as I was snapping back to school pictures of Hayden this morning, Hayden’s face suddenly lit up and he said look mama, officer Schwartz is here. He came to see how Hayden did at bedtime last night and got some 1st day of school pictures with him!

Hayden said, ‘I thought of being a cowboy just like you.’

Officer Bruce told him he thinks of what makes him happy when he lays down each night instead of the bad things that may happen during his days).

I’m just at a loss of words honestly. Officer Schwartz, if you’re reading this, thank you from the bottom of my mama heart. The kindness you’ve shown Hayden certainly doesn’t go unnoticed and I know he will remember this forever. This too will pass and I’m happy Officer Schwartz had a hand in Hayden getting over this very normal hump most children experience.”🙏🏼❤️

Credit: Amanda Williams