How to get out of a Bad Mood quickly

These days, many of us may feel our emotions are like a rollercoaster. One minute we are fearful, the next, angry, the next, sad. There are so many things outside us that we can’t control, however, the one thing we do have control over is our reactions. So if you find yourself in a bad mood, and truly want to get out of it–the following tips may help.

  1. Admit how you feel–don’t deny what you are feeling in the moment. Your angry-okay, own it, for example.

  2. Ask yourself, what am I getting by holding onto my anger–“I feel justified in my actions.” Temporarily, you may feel energized, but in the long run probably not too happy.

  3. Change the Channel. Your anger isn’t making you feel any better, so why not try the Gratitude Channel. “What about my life, right now do I have to be grateful for?” I bet you have a lot.

Seems pretty simple, but if we want to “hold on” to the bad mood, things can get pretty complicated.

Give yourself a break, and some “emotional stroking” which you probably need.

The insights are the opinions of the writer through “tried and true” experience.