Groom Plays Cheating Wife’s Sex Tape to Wedding Guests in Epic Revenge Stunt

Groom Plays Cheating Wife’s Sex Tape to Wedding Guests in Epic Revenge Stunt A bride-to-be was left unimaginably ashamed on her wedding day when her husband allegedly played her sex tape for the wedding guests in China. [1] Unverified reports claim that the bride had an affair with her brother-in-law, the husband of her pregnant sister and in a bid to humiliate his fiancé and get his pound of flesh, her husband literally went to the end of the extra mile.

The story has been trending across all major Chinese media outlets and websites since December 2019. However, people online have been torn over the authenticity of the reports, with many claiming the sex tape was affixed onto the main video using an editing app. Others said the video looked real enough, while some claimed it was a PR for either the blogs or the video app creators.

According to reports online, the wedding took place in the province of Fujian in south-eastern China. The embarrassing drama began to unfold when the MC said, “Now we are going to show you the videos of how the newlyweds grew up”. A few seconds later, an X-rated, raunchy video of the bride and her brother-in-law began to play on the big screen in front of all the guests. Enraged, the groom said to his wife, “you thought I didn’t know?”, and mortified, the bride threw her bouquet at the man. They almost gunned for each other but were separated by family and friends. The wedding is over, people. Go home.

There were two other clips from the wedding showing more of the X-rated footage as it played out for about five minutes. They were said to have been obtained by guests at the wedding and released online. According to reports from Apple Daily, a major tabloid based in Hong Kong, the couple had been in a relationship for two years and were engaged for six months. The groom had begun to suspect his fiancé of cheating and installed hidden cameras in their home to investigate his suspicions. The cameras revealed that the lady had been sleeping with her pregnant sister’s husband.

Many other versions of the story are floating around online and nearly all of them remain unconfirmed. One such version belongs to the popular Chinese blogger, Jiang Zhe Hu Ba Jie, who reports that the clips were first released on a short-video app called ‘Aubergine Video’. Jiang’s blog also claimed that the bride admitted to having the affair with her brother-in-law. She was suffering domestic violence at the hands of her fiancé and only agreed to marry him because he promised to pay for an apartment and a car after the wedding. However, they continued having problems and her brother-in-law was always there to settle fights and resolve conflicts between the couple.

The affair picked up when she started developing feelings for her rescuer. She later requested that her former fiancé takes down all the videos he posted of her online. Revenge porn is illegal almost everywhere in the world The whispers of the whole debacle being a publicity stunt started when another blogger, Mr. Zha, pointed out that the video played at the wedding bore the logo of the video app. “Who would air their dirty laundry on a video website? To summarize, there is only one explanation, this is a malicious marketing stunt,” he criticized. Many of the clips have been removed from controlled Chinese social media space, but as of November 2020, they are still circulating on Twitter, YouTube, and other social media apps.

Intentional distribution of non-consensual porn is a type of cyber-crime and online harassment with sanctions varying from place to place. While many countries do not have explicit laws regulating this awful behavior, a person can still be charged to court and punished to a certain degree for humiliating another person this way. While not all offenders may distribute people’s private pictures and videos with the intent to revenge, the following actions are generally considered criminal, according to Find Law:

Publishes or distributes electronic or printed photographs, pictures, or films that Show the genitals, anus, or female breast of the other person, or Depicts that person engaged in a sexual act. Other sub-classes of these crimes are typically classified as misdemeanors and are usually punished with fines and short jail terms in many states. In others, they are Class A felonies and are punishable with 1 to five years imprisonment. No matter what someone has done to you, revenge is NEVER the way to go, and certainly not by disseminating their intimate videos or pictures.

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