Grieving Horse Stops At Owner’s Casket And Breaks Down

Most of us recognize that animals and humans can become very closely attached to each other. If you have ever had a pet in your life, you realize what they can mean to you. It is not only dogs and cats that can share this type of bond with humans, it is also larger animals, including horses. Perhaps we have seen this in our life or the life of someone close to us but if you haven’t, you are going to see it up close and personal with this story.

A 34-year-old cowboy from Paraguay, Wagner Lima passed away on New Year’s Day 2017. He was in a motorcycle accident in Brazil. Everybody who knew Wagner realized how much his horse, Sereno meant to him. They were best of friends for many years and when Wagner passed away, his brother, Wando thought that it would be appropriate for his horse to be at the funeral.

“This horse was everything to him,” Wando told Globo News. “It was as if the horse knew what was happening and wanted to say goodbye.”

Wando was in the lead of an emotional march to the final resting place of his brother. They were in the city of Cajazeiras, Brazil when this was taking place. Sereno was marching right along with them but nobody was expecting what this horse was about to do.

When Sereno was close enough to the casket so he could catch the scent of his owner, he had a reaction that took everyone by surprise. Because of the reaction in the closeness that they shared, Wando has come forward to say that he will be taking care of Sereno in his brother’s honor.

You can watch the moment that it happened in this video: