Good Samaritan Brad Pitt Has Been Personally Delivering Groceries and Essentials to Families in Need

Brad Pitt and his friend, a musician named Flea, have been going to the low-income areas of Los Angeles to help people.

Many celebrities donate or do humanitarian work but not all of them do so without wanting to get noticed for it. Some stars just work quietly, hoping to help others even if they get nothing in return. However, they get noticed anyway because of their fame.

Recently, actor Brad Pitt was pictured helping low-income families by delivering groceries to them. The 56-year-old actor unloaded boxes of groceries from trucks to hand to families in need in the housing projects in South Central Los Angeles, according to People. He dressed simply in a red, black, and white checkered flannel button-down shirt, a white T-shirt, jeans, and a face mask, which also kept his identity hidden for some time. This wasn't the first time he made rounds to deliver essentials to those in need. Community leader DeAnthony Langston said that the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star was a "Good Samaritan" for supporting the Watts area of South LA during the pandemic. "I met this guy a couple of times while we were handing out boxes and I didn't know who he was. Then one of my friends was talking about Brad Pitt and I was like 'What do you mean, Brad Pitt? Why didn't you tell me?' Turns out I had talked to Brad Pitt for 30 minutes and I didn't even know it was him," said he.

"He was just trying to find out about how everybody is doing. He was so cool. He was like 'You could really use us right now because white guilt is at an all-time high.' I had just lost some really close friends and I was talking to him about it, and since then he always asks how I'm doing," said the community leader. DeAnthony, 54, runs a program teaching youngsters life skills through basketball called Real Run Foundation. Pitt was captured handing out groceries by Daily Mail and he has reportedly been distributing essentials since the summer. He first came with his friend Flea, the Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist. In July, Pitt declined an interview but Flea said, "The community gives back to me. I like being a part of it, I like building bridges, I like making friends." Pitt has found a new fan in DeAnthony, who said that the actor "puts the work in" and called him "amazing." He added that the two celebrities "order all kinds of food... enough food for the whole week, and then we hand it out to the people who need it."

Pitt has reportedly returned some 30 times, even as he dealt with his messy court battle for custody of his six kids with ex Angelina Jolie. Pitt and Flea were last seen on November 13 unloading a truck, which the Meet Joe Black actor drove. They contributed to the Watts Community Core, a free boxing program to provide opportunities to at-risk youth. "I just love being a part of it, but honestly, I don’t even think about it as giving as much as I get given to," Flea said. "I get welcomed here… we’re all working together doing something beautiful," he added. References: