Fun Test: How Many Black Dots Can You See? 10 Optical Illusions To Tease Your Eyes and Brain

Visual puzzles are a great way to keep ourselves sharp and entertained. Try your hand at these to see if you can solve them.

Puzzles are always a great way to keep our minds sharp. They are not just for exercising our brains but also for keeping us entertained. There are all kinds of puzzles and all kinds of puzzle enthusiasts. Some people like word puzzles while some prefer visual ones. One of the best things about them is that they help improve memory.

When we work on puzzles, we reinforce the connections between our brain cells, which is one of the best ways to improve short-term memory. When we do puzzles, we have to remember multiple things and visualize them as well, as per Goodnet. This could help people of all ages, but especially those with dementia. Puzzles can also contribute towards improving critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Since we have to look at things differently and take alternative approaches when doing puzzles, they are helpful in cultivating these important traits, which are needed at any stage in life.

Puzzles can also improve spatial and visual reasoning. However, just like physical exercises, mental exercises too need to be done regularly to see results. This is why kids are encouraged to solve puzzles. It can also help older adults.

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Can you solve these 10 visual puzzles?

1. Do these circles overlap?

Source: Reddit

2. What color are these circles?

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3. How many circles do you see?

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4. Will these lines meet?

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5. Is this image moving?

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6. Which way is the corner pointed to?

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7. Is this image moving?

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8. Is the horse levitating?

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9. How many black dots do you see?

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10. There's a number hidden in this image. What is it?

Were you able to solve them all? If you need the answers, scroll down.


1. The circles don't overlap.

2. The circles are yellow.

3. There are 16 circles.

4. No, they are parallel.

5. No, it's a static image.

6. Honestly, we are not sure.

7. No. This is a static image.

8. No, the shadow belongs to the horse that is standing.

9. There are 12 black dots and all of them can't be seen at the same time.

10. When you scroll up and down, you will be able to see the number five.


Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.