Dog Farts In His Sleep, Cat Has Hilarious Reaction (video)

If you have a sibling in your life, you realize that it can be a ‘love-hate’ relationship.

From the time that your little brother or sister is born, it seems as if you want to be the big brother or sister but you also would like a little space of your own. That relationship may grow over the course of time but even as we get older, we may still feel those feelings to a certain extent. Let’s face it, we love our siblings but sometimes, we just seem to live a little bit too close to each other when we are under the same roof.

This is not only something that is experienced by humans, it is also animals who experience it as well. This is perhaps illustrated perfectly when it comes to the relationship between cats and dogs. If you have one of each in your home, you realize that they can get along together quite nicely but there are going to be times whenever they may pick at each other a little as well. It seems as if the cat is always a little bit sneaky and sometimes, the dog may just be a little bit energetic. In either case, when one does something to get on the other one’s nerves, it can be quite an experience.

When you first see this video, you might be taken by exactly how peaceful the scene is. The cat and the dog are lying together peacefully on the bed and the pup is obviously asleep, or at least well on his way to falling asleep. The cat is lying quietly in the background and simply looking around the room. Suddenly, the camera captures something unexpected.

As the dog is sleeping, he farts without knowing it. It almost looks like the cat is a little disgusted at first and perhaps she is even trying to ignore what she just heard. Before long, however, she is shooting a dirty look at the dog but unfortunately, the dog has no idea what is coming next.

The cat doesn’t give any warning when she suddenly reaches her paw out and gives him a couple pops on the top of the head. The dog is woken out of a sound sleep and he looks a little confused by what is taking place. There is no doubt that we can all appreciate the fact that it would be rather rude to find yourself in this situation.

Sometimes these scenes occur and they make for a fantastic story. At other times, we have the opportunity to catch something like this on video and we can’t help but share it. All of us can probably relate to this to a certain extent and when you see it, it is sure to make you laugh out loud.

You can watch the cat react to the dog farting in the video below: