Danny Devito’s Epic Response to Teen Fan Who Took His Cardboard Cutout to Prom

Who did you take to your high school prom? My prom date was my best friend’s brother and we had a marvelous time. However, we just did the banquet and skipped out on the dance to go partying in a nearby bigger town.

The best thing about prom, to me, wasn’t the actual event, but it was wearing that fabulous dress and making memories with my friends afterward. For many kids, including my own, prom is a much more serious thing than it was to me. However, one teenager recently showed that kids these days still have a good sense of humor.

Allison Closs is a 17-year-old who wanted a funny and totally unique date for her own prom, so she chose legendary actor Danny Devito. Sort of. Mr. Devito was probably unavailable (and way too old for her, of course, so that would be creepy, not to mention criminal), so she took a cardboard cutout of the star, who stands a grand 4’10” tall in real life. In fact, because of his smaller than average height, Devito was the victim of bullying when he himself was in high school. Well, he certainly got the last laugh because he has enjoyed a long and successful career and has a net worth of about $70 million.

Devito is also happily married to his co-star from the hit TV series, “Taxi.” They’ve been married since 1982 and have three children together. So to hear that he was someone’s dream prom date was probably a little surprising to him, but he loved it and took it with good humor. In fact, he even had the best response ever. The way he found out was that Allison posted a video explaining her prom date choice on her YouTube channel and it went viral. She explained that she couldn’t find a date so she bought one on Amazon. She added that she’s always loved Devito, in every role he’s ever played.

But how did Devito respond? When he learned about the teenager’s sweet gesture, he did something completely hilarious and unexpected. His good friend and fellow actor Rob McElhenney posted on his Instagram that when Danny found out about Allison’s prom date, he did something equally hilarious. The hilarious actor took a cut-out of Allison to his favorite Irish pub.

Watch the news video about this hilarious story below.