Cat Found Frozen and Unresponsive Buried in Snow Makes Miraculous Recovery

As a pet parent, I worry about my little ones when I’m not around. We have cats, and we don’t let them go outside.

Because of where we live, our pets are at risk of being taken by coyotes and I don’t want to risk my babies being someone’s meal, although I genuinely hope the coyotes find something else to eat. There are just too many dangers for most pets outside, but one problem we don’t have to worry about where I live in Texas is a blizzard coming in and putting not only us but our beloved animals at risk.

A family in Kalispell, Montana lived one of their worst nightmares last year when their beloved cat disappeared. “Fluffy” is a longhaired domestic cat who got out for some reason that wasn’t disclosed, and when the family found her, she was frozen and unresponsive in a snowbank. Apparently, Fluffy is a cat who is allowed to go outside sometimes, but she was injured on this particular trip outside and wasn’t able to get back inside. The family was horrified to find Fluffy buried in a snowbank, covered in ice and snow. She was frozen and completely unresponsive, according to the staff at the veterinary clinic where the family took her.

At the Animal Clinic of Kalispell, the staff immediately sprung into action. Fluffy’s temperature was so low that it didn’t even register on the thermometer, staff said, and later said that it was just under 90 degrees. The executive director of the clinic told Today that it was “all hands on deck,” with four technicians and two veterinarians working to revive Fluffy. To revive her, the team used an IV solution and towels, along with warm water fluids to raise her temperature back up to 101 degrees, a stable temperature. It took them about an hour to get her to normal, the clinic staff said.

Before long, Fluffy was moaning and growling at them, and being her normal “crabby self.” That’s the moment they knew she was going to be OK. Once she was defrosted and revived, the gorgeous cat spent the night at the hospital for observation, and she returned home good as new the next day. She’s received a clean bill of health.