Before Passing Away, Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek Left an Inspiring Thanksgiving Message

Alex Trebek was one of the most legendary hosts in the history of TV game shows, and he hosted what is perhaps the most important and dignified game show of all time: Jeopardy.

After hosing the popular brainiac show for decades, Alex put a good deal of thought into exactly how he wanted to end his time on the long-running show. In fact, he told ABC in January that he had it all planned out. However, Alex Trebek wasn’t a loquacious guy, which means he wasn’t particularly talkative. He was a man of few words and his words carried a lot of weight.

Even though he didn’t say a lot, the words are meaningful and inspirational and that’s exactly how he wanted it. Alex said that it would be a “significant moment” for him and he had it all rehearsed in his mind. He asked for only 30 seconds at the end of his very last show, saying, “That’s all I want.” And indeed, that’s all he needed. He said that he would say his goodbyes and tell folks that he would have no say in what the show would do to replace him when he’s gone. Alex died 10 days after his last studio recording of Jeopardy, which means that this hard-working man worked up until the very end of his life, exactly as he wanted to do.

He said that he just knew that as long as the audience and the producers gave the new host the same respect, love, and attention that they gave to him, he knew that the show would continue to be the huge success it has always been. The show has announced that Ken Jennings will be taking over the hosting role for the immediate future, but we’re not sure if this is a permanent position.

Below, watch the great Alex Trebek’s last message to us all.