Astonished Mom-to-Be Realized Baby’s Sonogram Shows Her Deceased Dad Kissing Baby

There are plenty of skeptics in the world who are quick to be dismissive of anything that even hints of the supernatural, but the fact is, stories pop up occasionally that are difficult to dismiss.

I personally have a very open mind and know that anything is possible. As humans, we’re very limited in what we can perceive, and it’s impossible to know what’s on the “other side” because most of us haven’t visited there yet. When 30-year-old Shantel Carillo went in for a routine 20-week ultrasound, she expected to come out with the reassurance that her baby was doing fine.

She also hoped to have a photo that she could share with her partner, Bryce Vinson, and on social media. The technician had a hard time capturing a good photo because the baby was moving around so much. She finally got a decent side shot, although Shantel had hoped to see the baby’s face. However, something amazing happened after she got home and shared it on social media. In fact, it was after sharing the photo on Facebook that someone casually mentioned that there seemed to be an “angel” kissing Shantel’s baby. A stunned Shantel realized that the woman was right.

Miraculously, the mysterious figure in the corner of the ultrasound image looked remarkably like her deceased father, who had died of a heart attack a year before. In an interview with NBC 7, Shantel said that she was convinced that the figure in the ultrasound photo looked a lot like her father, and she even had a photo of her dad in the same position to show that indeed, it does look a lot like him. When she posted the photos to Reddit later, they quickly went viral and got shared all around the world.

Some social media users accused Shantel of Photoshopping the photo, but that’s unlikely. Unless someone has advanced skills, that would be hard to do. Shantel is practical, and not a fanciful woman. She said it’s either her dad or a “placenta that looks like my dad.” Like Shantel, I want to choose to believe that something magical happened.

What a story she will have to tell her little one someday. Here’s a video about this story.