A Young Man Goes Way Too Far At The Cash Register And Gets A SmackDown From His Mother

I’m sure that you have noticed that people just don’t seem to be able to agree on anything these days. If two or more people do agree, it seems as if they want to get together with each other and start debating with those on the other side of the table.

One of the more hotly debated topics in the world today has to do with parenting. People go on social media and have their own opinions, and they aren’t afraid to share them. It has led to a lot of questions as far as what is proper for disciplining children. I think that most people would agree with the following fictional story and how one mother taught her son a lesson he will never forget. (I’m up working the cash register on a slow day, when a teenage boy comes up. He looks to be about 14. He’s sagging his pants, trying to look tough.) Customer: “Hey, baby.”

Me: “Hi there, sir. How can I help you today?” Customer: *leans on the counter* “You can get me your number.” (I’m 25, and engaged.) Me: “Sorry, but that’s not going to happen. Can I help you with anything else?” Customer: “Why the f*** not, you stupid b****?!” Me: “One: That would be illegal. Two: I am happily engaged. And three: even if I ignore the first two, it’s against company policy.” Customer: “You’re a f***ing b****! You should be happy I want a piece of your a**!” (As the customer continues ranting and raving, a woman appears behind him. She reaches out and taps his shoulder twice.) Customer: “What the f*** do you want” (He turns around. All the color drains from his face. He manages to squeak out some words.) Customer: “Hi, mama.” (She smacks him across the face.) Customer’s Mom: “I did not raise you to be a self-entitled douche-bag! I did not raise you to think you are better than this poor girl!” *she grabs him by the ear, and shoves him against the counter, facing me* “Now, apologize!” Customer: “But mom!” Customer’s Mom: “Now!” (He looks close to tears. He mumbles out how sorry he is, and how it wasn’t fair of him to treat me like a piece of meat. His mom, by his ear, pushes him towards the door.) Customer’s Mom: “Go.” (He walks out of the store, ready to cry. She turns to me, gives me a huge smile, apologizes again, and even buys me a gift card. Apparently there are some good parents still out there!)