7 Ways To Liberate Yourself From Worrying About What Others Think Of You And Start Living Your Life

1. THINK ABOUT WHY YOU BOTHER WITH THEM Lot of the times, we worry too much because we are told by society that we should act, dress, and talk in a certain way that is acceptable to others and that anything that doesn’t follow the norm is “different” and “not normal.” So, we develop a fear inside of us that makes us afraid from the judgement of others. But, the question is, why do you care about their opinion? Everything is good with you, so instead of bothering with what others think, accept and love yourself as you are.

2. THE TRUTH IS, OTHERS DON’T CARE AS MUCH AS YOU THINK Sometimes, we are so focused on ourselves that we think that others think about us constantly. The truth is, other people usually don’t bother with us. Other people, like us, go through life often worrying about what others think of them. Therefore, instead of worrying, bear in mind that other people have their own lives that they worry about and they are concerned with their problems. They too have insecurities and issues as you do.

3. BE IN THE MOMENT Living in the moment means being so free to be yourself and free of worries of what will happen next. For instance, if you notice a dress you like, instead of thinking whether it’s convenient or not or whether the people will judge you because of the length or the color, you should buy the dress and not worry about them. You should worry only about satisfying yourself and your needs.


It is very important to find your group of people that can make you laugh and make you feel positive. Those people that love you and care about you will always tell you the truth, they will see your strengths and help you work on your weaknesses in order to become the person you always wanted to be – the one who doesn’t give a damn about other people’s opinions.

5. LOVE AND ACCEPT YOURSELF AS YOU ARE You must love yourself and put yourself first all the time. This is easier said than done, but with time you can do it. When you love yourself, you don’t care about what other people think of you. You don’t worry about others. You only care about your wellbeing and the wellbeing of those you love. Self-love and accepting yourself as you are is the key to living a happy, stress-free life. 6. AFTER ALL, YOU CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE It is not possible. Some people will like you, some won’t, but that’s life. And it is always better to be loved by the people you care about than be liked by everyone else. There will always be people who will judge you and have something bad to say about you. The key is to stop bothering with them and focus only on the people who are close to you.

7. BECAUSE, LIFE’S TOO SHORT And you should live it according to your terms. Focus on you, on your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Work on becoming a better person. And people… they will always talk.