5 Pieces of Real Talk Advice about Letting Go and Moving On

We have all been hurt. And most of us know that breakups are tough. Because it brings a lot of pain in your life that will prevent you from moving forward. Here are five pieces of real talk advice to help you let go and move on in a healthy way.

1.Let negative baggage stay in your past. Whatever you are holding in your life right now, leave all burdens behind. Don’t let things and people continue hurting you. If you are still looking back and thinking about the things that happened in your past, it won’t lead you to anywhere. Don’t let negativity bother you and exhaust your energy in dealing with it. Try to practice a different and more positive approach. Instead of keeping your eyes on your past, try to keep your eyes on the prize. Leave things from your yesterday and don’t be tempted to pick up the pieces again. Forget what lies behind and get ready because God will provide beauty from your ashes. Something better is coming in your way.

2. You may have bad breaks or even made wrong decisions along the way, but never keep them with you. Move forward. It is already finished. Never dwell on the mistakes you have done throughout your life. Get rid of the excuses. Failure doesn’t stop you from reaching your dreams, doubts, and regret does. Stop thinking of the things that hold you back from your God-given destiny. Stop thinking of the opportunities you didn’t get. For you to start a new chapter in your life, you have to stop re-reading the last one. Quit worrying and living in the past. It is already finished.

Leave limitations that people have put on you. Now’s time to put a stop on negativities in your life. Have a healthier and abundant mentality. Make a large room for the blessings, breakthroughs, and provisions that God has in store for you.

Leave all of the baggage that you are still carrying from your yesterday. It is already finished. 3. Don’t be afraid to cut ties with your past. Let your emotions be released from the place where they’re in. Stop having any connection you currently have with them. Quit being friends with them because you’re killing yourself in a slow fashion. Don’t think of what other people may say. If blocking them on social media will make you feel better, do it. Following them on social media won’t be healthy for you because it only brings back the moments you had with them that will not come back to you no matter how much you keep holding out hope. It won’t help you. Get rid of the feelings attached to your memories. Take time to love yourself more. This is the right time to remind yourself who you are, to regain your bearings and put yourself first.

4. Sometimes, the best way to grow is to learn how to let go. This is the right time to stay away from people who produce gossip than good deeds. They are not healthy for you in all ways. They may not be the primary reason why the storms in your life stay longer, but somehow they contribute to it. Negative people limit your vision. They won’t let you progress because they are afraid you’ll outgrow them. Be courageous enough to free yourself from negativity. The reasonable way to improve your approach to life is to change your environment. Surround yourself with people who support you and believes in your world-changing capabilities. These people will encourage you to become better than you were yesterday and bring light that will burst opportunities and blessings in your life.

5. Write down your suffering. If you are holding onto a lot of pain and grudges in life, write it down and let everything come out. If you have someone in your life that has caused so much pain, write a letter to that person as if you’re talking to him right now. Put every single thing you held for the longest time on that letter. Take all of the anger and sadness off of your chest. Don’t hold back and let the emotions flow. After writing everything, watch while it burns together with your memories. The better you will feel if you have seen it turned into ashes.

Writing down your thoughts don’t have an assurance for sudden changes but, it can become the start of your healing process. It can help you to slowly break the chains that have been holding you back and hinders you from being freed from your past. Write a letter to help you to stop looking back, so you can move forward to the next chapter of your life.